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The success of weight loss plans ‘is all in the detail’

The success of weight loss plans 'is all in the detail'The most successful weight loss plans are the ones that are detailed, a medical expert has claimed.

Those with a “vague intention” to diet rarely succeed in losing weight and keep it off, Boots pharmacist Sarah Cameron suggested to the Daily Telegraph.

She said each slimmer first needs to contact their GP to make sure there is no reason why they should not embark on an exercise regime and new diet.

Ms Cameron said they then need to carefully work out how much they want to lose, how they hope to achieve this and which diet suits them best.

She went on to suggest that dieting and exercising alone can be more difficult than doing so in a group or pair.

“Getting the right weight loss support can really improve your chances of success,” Ms Cameron explained.

Earlier in the year, a study by women’s car insurance specialist Diamond revealed that women who diet and exercise with a friend are more likely to shed the pounds than if they try to slim down on their own.

Are you trying to lose weight on your own or do you have support?