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The secret to Mel B’s flawless figure

First there were the amazing pictures of her rock hard abs on holiday, now there’s her X-Factor wardrobe. Wow, Mel B, 39, is super toned! Naturally we needed to find out how…

Mel B
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Mel is a total gym addict.

She regularly Tweets photos of her running with daughter Phoenix, 15, and even doing press-ups with little Madison, 2!

Phoenix and Mel are also regulars at trendy LA spinning studio Soul Cycle.

She enjoys intense cardio sessions, hikes in the hills, kettlebell workouts and resistance training, saying “Areas that I don’t like, I work out a bit more.

“If I feel a bit chunky on my thighs, I’ll do extra squats or leg lifts.”

And those abs? Mel admits she’s “obsessed” with them and they’re down to hundreds of sit-ups a every day

Phew, with such a busy lifestyle we don’t know how she does it all!


When Mel gained weight after having Madison she turned to Jenny Craig and lost 2st 3lb in 5 months.

Now she eats well six days and cheats one day a week.

“When you eat junk food, your body feels yuck, whereas when you eat healthy you feel good inside. I eat chicken, fish, vegetables, with lots of water at hand”, she says.

Breakfast is muesli topped with low fat yogurt or peanut butter spread on granary toast, lunch is smoked mackerel, salad and a jacket potato or avocado and bacon salad, dinner is salmon with salad and quinoa.

And on those cheat days?

“I splurge on whatever I’m craving – either a cheeseburger or a traditional English Sunday roast”, says Mel.

Mel follows a high protein diet and loves fish for dinner with tasty vegetables like cabbage


Alongside the endless sit-ups Mel eats flax seed to help burn belly fat, you can sprinkle them on salads; add to soups or your morning porridge.

Source: Closer