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The real benefits of body wraps

500ml-boot-camp-body-wrap-slim-solOne of the latest trends in the health industry is body wraps.  Many can see a significant reduction in overall inch loss with just one use.  Making this product the perfect solution to quick, easy and effective inch loss for big events such as weddings or holidays.


  1. Weight Loss


Body wraps can help you lose weight by removing water build up and tightening your skin. In fact, some people have reported losing several pounds following a body wrap, perfect for special events.


  1. Exfoliation


There are a number of things that a body wrap can do for your skin, beginning with exfoliation. Different body wraps will have various types of exfoliates in them including sea salt, sugar, and pumice, all of which are great for removing dead skin, dirt, and other impurities that are on the surface of your skin. This will also help to cleanse your skin which helps make the other aspects more effective.

Body wraps are becoming an increasingly popular inch loss treatment


  1. Moisturisation


Because body wraps involve placing a generous amount of moisturisers onto your skin, holding them against it, and then adding heat, your skin will be ultra-moisturised during this process. This will allow your skin to feel softer and more supple and can help reduce fine lines and wrinkles. Most therapists will apply lotion after the actual body wrap as an added bonus.


  1. Skin Detoxification


Although there is still a lot of controversy over whether or not body wraps can pull toxins from inside your body, there is research to support that body wraps provide great detoxification for your skin. Getting the impurities out of your skin will help improve acne, reduce wrinkles, and could reverse some of the effects of ageing or damage from the sun.


  1. Relaxation


The least disputed benefit of a body wrap is the relaxation aspect. Body wraps are usually done in a quiet room with low lighting and allow you to just lay there and relax for the duration of the treatment. Studies have shown that taking time to relax can help with a number of things, including improved memory, better sleep, improved mood, and boosting the immune system.


Our Boot Camp Body Wrap gives you a salon treatment in the comfort of your own home, our kit consists of a tub of body contouring clay and wrapping bandages. The clay contains volcanic ash and over 70 minerals, which naturally contain detoxifying agents. As a result, it helps to detoxify your body, tighten loose skin and improve the appearance of cellulite.

Used regularly, the Boot Camp Body Wrap UK can help you maintain your new toned, slimmer shape and is used for many different problem areas:
– To tighten loose skin or stretch marks after pregnancy
– To tone the upper arm area
– To eliminate toxins from the body
– To stay as firm as possible whilst dieting
– To maintain your overall shape and firmness
– To fit into clothing that is currently too tight
Do you have a big event coming up soon and can’t quite squeeze into your outfit? Why not try our Boot Camp Body Wrap Kit?  Have you used a body wrap before? What were your results? Would you use one again? We’d love to hear from you.