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The Raw Food Diet

What is the Raw Food Diet?

Raw Food DietThe Raw Food Diet is a diet where three quarters of the foods you consume are uncooked. Medical Professionals are seeing exceptional benefits while following the diet it not only helps you on your way to losing weight but it can also help you burn calories much easier as the diet can boost your metabolism. The diet also has additional benefits as it can make your immune system a lot stronger and it can help to get rid of harmful toxins in the body. Many celebrities who are fans of the Raw Diet include Demi Moore, Musician Sting, Actor Robin Williams and actress Alicia Silverstone.

What can you eat on the Raw Food Diet?
It’s preferred that food should be organic and unprocessed:

Dried fruit
Fresh fruit and vegetables
Purified water
Freshly juiced fruit and vegetables
Young coconut milk
Grains beans
Unprocessed organic or natural foods

Are there any side effects?

There are only a few side effects to the Raw Food Diet such as cravings these might crop up, nausea and mild headaches which commonly lasts for several days.

How can you include more raw into your diet?

Juicing -This is a good way to keep you adding more raw food into your diet.  Juice which is raw can be very high in nutrition.  It’s even better if you juice the peel and the pith along with the vegetable.  However there are a few vegetables that should not be peeled as many of their nutrients are contained in the skin.  These include peppers and carrots.  Leaving the pith of the vegetable or fruit in the juice can help your body to absorb vitamin C as they have bioflavonoids within, dynamic plant based anti oxidants.   Once your juice is ready to drink consume it as soon as possible as the nutrients can be volatile and will begin to descend as soon as they are in contact with air.

Smoothies – Smoothies are also a great way to add to your diet as they are basically just made of low-fat yoghurt and fruit and are a good alternative to milkshake.

Salads – Salads are a fantastic way of getting your five portions of fruit and veg a day because you are basically just chucking a different variety of vegetables together.  If you find having salad every day is boring try experimenting with different vegetables which have flavor and are different colours.

Chilled Soups – Soups we usually associate with consuming in winter but soups that are chilled are perfect for the summer an example is Cucumber soup which contains three or four different types of vegetables as well as mint and cucumber, these contain plenty of vitamins and minerals.

CruditésThese contain a variety of raw vegetables which are perfect if you are the type of person who snacks throughout the day.  They are more filling than the cooked variety which you can get as they have higher water levels.

Fish – Fish can be included in this diet in the form of sushi. This is because it is high in nutrition and its low in fat. It’s mixed by using raw fish such as salmon or tuna and white rice together. This is because the fish are rich in omega 3 fatty acids which can cut the risk of cancer, strokes and even heart attacks. We advise you eat two portions of fish a week.

Will I need any specific equipment?

• Large glass containers – this is to soak and sprout beans, seeds and grains.
• A juice extractor – this will be used to juice your vegetables as well as your fruits.
• Dehydrator – this blows air through the food at a temperature less than 116 degrees F.
• A blender or food processor – this can save you a lot of time preparing foods.
• Mason jars – these are used to store food.

Benefits to the Raw Food Diet?

• The diet is good for losing weight.
• You can get better sleep from this.
• You have higher energy levels.
• For those who suffer constipation this diet is good for indigestion.
• It can reduce the risk of heart disease.
• It also detoxes the body.