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The Perfect Jeans for your Shape

The Perfect Jeans for your ShapeJeans can be found in every wardrobe and are undeniably the most adaptable item in our wardrobes.  Jeans look great dressed up with heels when going out for a night in the town but can also look great dressed with just flats for lounging around or shopping in. However finding just the right pair which fits us in all the right places can be tricky as they come in particular rises, cuts, fits and washes and there are lots of various jeans to choose from.

The Right Colour
To create the effect of thinner looking legs and hips go for darker colours such as dark blue, blacks and Grays.

The Right Leg Length
It is essential for people with a short frame to sport a leg length where the hem just wavers above the floor.  Jeans that bunch around the bottom of the leg have the outcome of elongating and slimming the leg.

High waist or low waist
Only a small amount of people should be wearing low rise jeans, the dilemma which occurs is that for women who are average sized with a little bit extra round the tummy area it can cause the ‘muffin top’ as well as giving you a builders bum. A good way to avoid this is to evade from wearing cropped style tops and wear smock style blouses.

High waisted jeans help a lot with helping to lengthen the leg.  However if you are short then opt for a mid waisted pair of jeans rather than high waisted jeans which have the outcome of forming a even shorter torso.  Jeans with wide waistbands work well to minimise a fat stomach.

Hourglass shapes have:
• A Voluminous proportioned bust as well as balanced shoulders and hips.
• They have medium to broad hips in measurement with shoulders they also have curvaceous legs and a clearly defined waist.

Hourglass shapes should sport jeans that will deliver an effortless fit at your waistline and hips and that embrace your curves and the desirable way to do it is with a boot cut or a flare jean leg which will help to disguise wide thighs and lengthen the leg whilst still balancing out your curves.  Jeans that have distinct stitching on the side seams or with a virtual front seam will also give the illusion of longer legs.

Apple shapes have:
• Slender hips and an ample undefined waist. They also have a fuller neck and face as aswell as full shoulders and have voluminous breasts.
• They have curvaceous legs and a reclining bottom.

Apple shapes should wear jeans that have flaps on the pockets this will aid with giving some shape to the bottom and to make thighs look more shapely go for jeans with fading or that is a lighter wash.  Boot cut jeans and flared leg jeans will give the impression of leaner and longer legs.

Pear shapes have:
• Sloping or slender shoulders and a defined waist.  They tend to have a slim or long neck and a narrow back.
• They have a small to medium bust, curvy hips and bottom and full thighs and calves.

Pear shapes should find jeans that will aid them to disguise thighs flared or wide legged jeans are great for this as they will balance out your curves also go for dark denim as this is an effortless way to look slimmer. However straight legged jeans also give the impression of a trim slimmer look.  Distinct stitching on the side seams will also give the impression of long legs.

Rectangle shapes have:
• A fair bust size as well as an undefined waist.
• They have a full neck and a broad back with good arms and legs and generally have a balanced figure.

Rectangles should opt for jeans that embrace and raise their bottom.  Smaller pockets at the back of the jean that are spread apart can make the bottom look fuller as well as pockets that have flaps on them as these will also add bulk to the bottom.  Jeans that have a light wash on the thighs will also aid to give the leg shape.  Boot cut/skinny jeans are good options for rectangle shapes as well jeans that have a gentle flare from the knee which will enhance thin legs.