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The perfect diet ‘all about balance’

The perfect diet 'all about balance'For many years, health gurus have extolled the virtues of having a balanced diet, but it seems that there is more to this than simply having a combination of fruit, veg, carbs and protein.

According to one nutritionist, people hoping to lose weight need to get their acid and alkaline intake in balance, as this will result in their body responding better to the things they consume.

Vicki Edgson said that 'eating alkaline' is basically about getting the right balance between alkaline and acidic foods, with people allowed to eat both types, but needing to ensure that they eat more alkaline.

She explained: "Acidic foods are, as the name suggests, acid-forming in the body. They can cause weight gain, a bloated stomach, tiredness and other health problems. Whereas alkaline foods help you stay in shape and feel and look younger."

Another good thing about this way of eating is that it is entirely "un-faddy", she added, noting that it does not cut out food groups or involve counting calories.

Signs of being acidic include weight gain, poor digestion, bloating, tiredness and skin problems such as dryness or spots, Ms Edgson added.

By going alkaline, people not only have a route to successful weight loss, but an all-round healthier lifestyle, she said.

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