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The May Diet – lose 10lb in 4 weeks

dr-oz-may-dietOn the this week’s episode of the Dr Oz Show in the US, Dr Mehmet Oz shared his tips on how to lose 10lb this month. His answer for getting into your best swimsuit shape before the summer starts is to follow The May Diet.

According to Dr Oz, by following The May Diet, you can lose 10 pounds in the next four weeks.

What to eat on The May Diet

All you need to do is follow an 80/20 eating plan at every meal – 80% of your plate should be low-glycemic vegetables, and the other 20% should be protein and fats.

Dr Oz says that this macro-nutrient combination will make sure you get enough high fibre vegetables, as well as protein and fat to stop you feeling hungry.

He recommends example meals of shrimp with stir-fried vegetables, grilled chicken with roasted peppers and broccoli with avocado, and scrambled eggs with asparagus and tomatoes.

How The May Diet works

This low-glycemic diet works by preventing surges in blood sugar, which fuels inflammation and weight gain. When you keep your blood sugar and insulin levels steady, you experience less hunger and prevent fat storage.

Dr Oz suggests that one way to jumpstart weight loss is to have a liquid dinner of a hearty soup. Eating less in the evening speeds digestion and primes your body to use fat rather than store it overnight.

He also advises taking a B-complex vitamin every day to boost your metabolism.