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The Lunch Box Diet

What is the Lunch Box Diet?

The Lunch Box DietSimon Lovell established the Lunch Box Diet. He found that when he was training he needed something to help him get through the day; he packed a lunch box full of vegetables and started munching on them throughout the day rather than stopping for lunch.  He found that when he did this he had a lot more energy, his health and skin were better.  He also had more discipline over his appetite and he lost weight.

Simon suggests that you snack every hour or so or until you are satisfied. You can eat breakfast and dinner normally however the suggestions that are giving in his book are healthy. When you are eating the smaller portion sizes Simon says that your stomach will shrink so when it comes to having your dinner you are less likely to overeat.

How does it work?
It’s all based on swapping your mid morning, lunch and mid afternoon snacks for a lunch box full of food.  This way you can re-train your body and your mind to enjoy healthy food. This diet will help to shrink your stomach so you will crave less food and it helps you to lose weight.

You can still eat normally for your breakfast and your dinner and you can consume alcohol.  You will start to realise that you will feel a lot healthier and you will notice the loss of weight. You will hopefully be motivated to change the way you eat and those bad habits as well as going for healthier meals that are outlined in Simons book.
When people notice that they are losing weight they would will want to start eating healthy dinners and breakfasts to aid them to keep the weight off.  The good thing about this diet is it can make you change your outlook on food and it can help to alter habits and change your lifestyle.

How much weight can you lose?
It can be different for each person of how much weight is lost but you can lose up to a stone in just four months.

Recommended Foods
Your lunch box should comprehend of 10% of salad dressing/condiments, 30% protein and 60% vegetables.

Top Foods – Broccoli, Chilli Pepper, Asparagus, Beetroot, Spinach, Avocado, Tuna, Cod, Chicken or Turkey Breast.

However don’t just pack in veggies all the time why not add some low-fat yoghurt, wholegrain crackers, bread or even add some fruit for variety.

For people who have a physically active lifestyle they are urged to pack in their lunch box wholegrain breads, pasta brown rice and anything else that are high in carbohydrates.  Packing fruit in as well that can be eating in moderation a few pieces daily.  When concocting your lunch box the book says there are no precise recommendations for what portion sizes or calorie measurements are required.

• A rather manageable diet that is mostly based on consuming vegetables and is light on processed carbohydrates.
• For people who like snacking this is an ideal plan for them.
• Choosing your own lunch box to carry your food in is a fun new way of eating.
• This diet can be used for long term weight loss and it can help you to prolong a healthy way of eating.
• This diet can be suitable for people who have individual needs.
• It’s good for people who dot like complicated plans, counting calories and meal planning and preparation.
• It’s more beneficial if there are a lot of vegetables, lean protein and minimal fat can possibly lead the way to losing weight.
• This has many benefits for people who are on the go or who don’t have time for lunch.

• This could be quite difficult if people make dinner their biggest meal of the day.
• Before you leave the house you will have to prepare what you will eat everyday and that you don’t forget your lunch box.
• In regards to portion control there are no guidelines.