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The Lunch Box Diet

lunch-box-dietAnyone looking to lose weight has innumerable diet programs and resources to choose from. Some diets are scientific based, work successfully, and enable you to keep the weight off even after you have switched back to a regular healthy lifestyle. Others are fads, result in little or no weight loss, may result in a messed up metabolism and are ineffective in long term weight management. Among the more popular programs on the market is Simon Lovell’s Lunchbox diet. The lunch box diet utilizes principles and strategies that the creator, who is also a personal trainer, used to help his clients lose and keep weight off successfully.

The Lunch Box Diet – How it works

The lunch box diet works on the premise that if you eat healthy food at regular intervals during the day, you are less likely to snack on unhealthy items. It requires you to purchase a regular sized lunchbox that you will fill up with the lunch and snack items that you intend to consume during the day. However, you do not just fill it with any old junk. The creator of the diet created a formula for you to use in order to ensure that you are eating sufficient quantities of healthy food. The formula uses Simon’s 60:30:10 rule to guide you on how to fill your lunchbox. This means that your lunchbox must contain 60% fruits and vegetables, 30% lean protein and 10% condiments, salad dressing and other healthy flavorings. Adherents are also advised to limit carbohydrate consumption, especially if they lead a sedentary lifestyle. The diet also advises that you eat only until you are satisfied. You must not feel too full or too hungry. You must also ensure you consume the food at regular intervals in order to avoid feeling peckish and get tempted to reach for your favorite unhealthy snack.

Benefits of the lunchbox diet

  1. The lunchbox diet is a great option for people who find calorie counting tedious and who prefer to have the nitty gritty details already in place without having to expend too much effort.
  2. The plan is flexible, offering numerous choices as far as meals are concerned, which means that you are less likely to get bored with the diet and quit before you have reached your desired goals.
  3. The diet incorporates large quantities of fresh produce and low GI food which can further speed up weight loss.


The lunchbox diet provides a simple, flexible and healthy plan to help you get rid of unwanted pounds quickly. Further, due to the wide choice of healthy foods you can consume without having to count calories, you are more likely to stick to your program until you have lost the desired amount of weight.