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The Lemon Detox Diet – £42.99 or £890.00?

The Royal Crescent Hotel, which is situated in Bath is offering a 3 day Lemon Detox Sanctuary. This is a place where you can stay for two nights and you can lose weight as well as ridding your body of all bad toxins. Beyonce has along with promoting the Lemon Detox reportedly lost 22lbs in two weeks for her role in Dreamgirls.

The 3 day Lemon Detox sanctuary is being put in motion at the impressive Royal Crescent Hotel which is renowned for it’s exceptional spa facilities.

They are calling it “The Royal Lemon Detox” which consists of a demanding three day period during which you are put on a program called “fasting” which is aimed to help nourish you as well as helping you through the fasting period, this will then fabricate your mind as well as your body for the cleansing of your body as well as the weight that will drop off while being pampered in a reserved environment.

Day One: When you arrive at the hotel you will have an initial consultation with a therapist who will then assess the status of your health along with objectives. This is also where you will have a little taster of the maple syrup to let your taste buds taste it and get used to the flavour. You will then be issued a flask which contains the maple syrup, this means you can carry it around with you when you’re pottering around or busy doing something. Then, whenever you feel hungry all you have to do is drink the maple syrup drink. You’re then free to wander around the spa set in elegant grounds which is hidden knowingly behind the main hotel. In your room you will find Yoga DVD’s and CD’s to listen to and watch along with books to read or you can just relax. When the late afternoon comes you will be provided with a menu which you can then choose whatever treatment you desire. This will help you to disengage any tension and help put you in a state of mind for sleep.

Day Two: At promptly 7am you will receive a fresh flask of maple syrup to your door and along with this you will be free to relish in a sauna in the spa, or even go for an early morning swim as well as just relaxing around until your next morning treatment, The Bath House Salt Scrub. This is a treatment that will liberate toxins as well as giving your circulation a big boost and even getting rid of all your stress. After this will be your second consultation to review how you’re Detox has been so far as well as allowing you to pop into town, wander round the grounds or simply to just relax. In the evening you will be provided with a momentous treat – Water Yoga or Watsu. Here you will be able to bask in the warm water under the indoor stars which sparkle.

Day Three: At promptly 7am again you will receive another fresh flask of maple syrup and as before you can luxuriate in the spa just one more time before your last consultation which will be at lunch time. This is where you will be given a health program (this is the continuation of the fast for those people who are into internal cleansing of the body) or you will be given a food combining program this will be ideal for dieters.

There are many benefits to The Lemon Detox Diet such as

  • You will find that you have elevated energy as well as vitality.
  • You will notice that your skin and eyes will be much clearer.
  • Your hair will be shinier and your nails you will find to be stronger.
  • You will have an outstanding sense of well being.
  • It cleans the body of all bad toxins.
  • You will find that you will be able to digest food a lot better.
  • If you are overweight then you will see a loss of weight.

The Lemon Detox 3 day retreat costs around £890 for two people sharing a double room or £620 for one person. I have no doubt in my mind that both the experiences and the results will be fantastic but the cost could be out of some people’s reach.

We don’t want you to miss out on the Lemon Detox so Slimming Solutions have put together a full weight loss Lemon Detox hamper which contains all the ingredients you need to follow the programme. You could even light some candles, indulge in a bubble bath and get your partner to give you a relaxing salt scrub and massage ( if you’re lucky!)