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The Jerusalem Diet

What is the Jerusalem Diet?

The Jerusalem Diet was created by Ted Haggard, who travelled to Jerusalem only to find that he was 20 pound over his ideal weight, he then decided to follow a one day approach to losing weight and to maintain that weight.  This diet however has no association with the bible, Israel or Judaism.

The diet is based on a program that sets you with a reasonable goal weight of losing one pound a week and can help to change your bad habits.  This is a good diet that can been used long term as long as you eat responsibly as well as exercising regularly.

Basics of the diet

On this diet you are recommended every morning to weigh yourself along with setting yourself a weekly weight loss goal of one pound.

If there is a day where the daily goal weight  is overstepped then you must only consume nuts and seeds along with fruit and vegetables and it is also recommended to exercise for approximately one hour.  However on the days when the scale weight is beneath target, you can eat as you please along as what you consume is healthy.  There are no foods that are eliminated and portion size is not restricted. The aim of the diet is to assist you with not overeating on the days you have free so you can avoid boundaries on the day the diet is controlled.

In your daily routine you are advised to exercise regularly.  On the fat days you should be exercising for a full hour to make up for yesterdays indulgence.  If there are days that the scale weight is beyond the daily target, an hours exercise is recommended.  Haggard instructs that dieters only do exercise they can do and not to push themselves too hard.

This diet puts a lot if significance into consuming vegetables and fruit as well as nuts.

How much weight can I expect to lose?

You can lose up to one of two pounds a week on the Jerusalem Diet.  You will have to be committed to weighing yourself every day as well as having a good set of digital scales.

Sounds like a very easy to follow diet you may be thinking, well why not get to grips with it by starting with this simple sample menu?

Eggs, Fruit and yoghurt

Morning snack
Mixed fruits

Chicken sandwich

Afternoon snack
Raw carrots and nuts

Fruit, vegetables, nuts and seeds

Like the ‘easy’ appeal this diet gives? Looking to lose weight slowly but steadily? The Jerusalem Diet really is as simple as it sounds!