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The Hairy Bikers’ top 10 tips for healthy weight loss

hairy-bikersThe sun is shining, summer is here, and it’s the perfect time to shed a little bit of weight in time for your holidays.

So here are The Hairy Bikers’ top 10 tips for healthy weight loss this summer…

1. It’s not just the garden that needs a summer spruce up… take a look at yourself too! Get out in the sunshine, mow the lawn, kick a football about, or try some simple outdoor exercises – it’ll certainly help you burn a few calories.

2. Try your shorts on from last summer; if the waistband is a bit tight, now’s the time to do something about it!

3. You don’t need to starve yourself to get in shape; just make a few changes. Remember, there are no calories in flavour… spice is nice!

4. Keep an eye on all those fruit juices and fizzy drinks you drink in the heat; there isn’t anything wrong with a big glass of water, and you’ll surprised how many calories you can save.

5. Join a dance class; it certainly worked for Dave and what better way to get in shape than to jump around with a gorgeous partner?

6. Find yourself a dieting buddy, a little healthy competition between you both can help. We always found the support crucial to our weight loss. It’s easier to keep an eye on the beer tally when your mate or partner is in the same boat.

7. Clear your kitchen of all the fattening temptations; restock it with lighter fresher ingredients.

8. Try doing a bit of exercise every day; little and often is good a thing, even if it’s just a short walk or cycle.

9. Remember the donut in the supermarket car park on the way to the car DOES count, as does the cheeky chocolate biscuit! It might not in your head, but it does in your belly.

10. Read nutritional labels… or you could be in for a shock! Don’t forget that sometimes the calories quoted refer to portion size, not the full bag!


Source: the Evening Chronicle.