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The Fat Smash Diet is a diet program that is separated into four phases and lasts for 90 days. It was established by Ian K Smith and was used on Celebrity Fit Club where Hollywood celebrities compete to lose weight. This diet is a very simple and you won’t feel as hungry as much as you are eating a lot more often and you won’t need as much food to be satisfy your appetite.

How does ‘The Fat Smash Diet’ work?

This diet was designed so that you would introduce regular physical activity into your lifestyle and to carry it on for the rest of your life. When the 90 day period is over you should expect to see yourself exercising more, eating fewer calories and make better food choice as well as seeing yourself lose weight. During the first phase of the diet which is Detox your cravings are supposed to be demolished and the fruits and vegetables are reintroduced into your diet which are nourishing.

How much weight can you lose?

On average in the first phase of the Smash Fat diet people lose up to an average of 6-8 pounds, however the weight loss does slow down to a few pounds a week as you will be increasing your calorie intake in the rest of the phases.

• The diet focuses on eating more fruit and vegetables which lower the risk of cancer and other health problems.
• Celebrity endorsed.
• This diet is simple to follow as you don’t have to count calories and is based on portion control.
• During the 90 day diet plan you are not allowed to skip any meals, however you can eat up to 4-5 meals a day so you won’t get hungry like some other diet plans.
• On this diet you won’t have to eliminate entire food groups.
• Unlike many other diets this promotes a lifelong plan which you will stick to and improve you’re eating habits.

• Some people might find it difficult to stick to as in the first nine days you are recommended to eat purely fruit and vegetables.
• On this plan you are recommended to do a lot of exercise.
• When on this diet it advises strictly to follow exactly what the plan says as you are required to consume your food at a certain time in accordance to speeding up your metabolism.
• The diet requirements and exercise are fairly demanding
• For people who don’t like physical activity this might not be the diet that you are looking for as it has high amount of physical activity as it has a combination of exercise  and eating.
• On this diet it will require motivation which can be hard.

Phase 1 – Detox

The first phase of the Fat Smash Diet lasts for nine days and any food choices that are consumed should be eaten steamed, grilled or raw. You are allowed any amount of fruit and vegetables (except from avocados and potatoes), pulses, egg whites, porridge, semi skimmed milk, brown rice, low-fat yoghurt, beans, water or herbal tea. Thirty minutes of exercise is also recommended.

Phase 2 – Foundation

This phase of the diet lasts for three weeks and you are still allowed to eat the foods from phase one as well as including a small amount of cheese, a varied amount of whole grain cereals, butter, fat free dressings, coffee (10oz a day), granulated sugar, whole egg, seafood, lean meats along with fruit juice and diet drinks. As you are increasing the calorie intake you will need to now do 35 minutes of exercise.

Phase 3 – Construction

This phase lasts four weeks and you are allowed all the foods in phase one and two as well as re-introducing pasta and bread, biscuits and low fat ice-cream. It also allows a bigger portion of meat and dairy as well as one dessert per day. You should be now doing exercise for 45 minutes.

Phase 4 – Temple

This is the last phase of the diet and will last a life time. Wine, beer, potatoes and pizza, sausages and chips and other high fat, high cal foods will be re-introduced. The exercise recommendation now should be up to hour-long sessions and you should still be eating four to five meals a day.?