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The Fabulous 5 Day Diet Plan

The Fabulous 5 Day Diet Plan for YOU…

The Fabulous 5 Day Diet Plan

Are you wanting to start a fresh diet plan? Looking for something new or a little different? If so, keep reading! This diet plan will last for 5 days, the ‘fabulous 5 day diet plan‘ is made for someone who really enjoys eating food but wants to consume the right amount of calories a day (or perhaps under). The food used throughout this diet plan is healthy and if followed correctly, provides you with the right amount of greens, carbs, protein and fats! If you follow this diet plan, you can switch the days around, e.g. day 1 breakfast could be switched around with day 2 breakfast, although this is not highly recommended as this could cause you some confusion later down the line! You should aim to drink water with every meal you have, you should consume around 2 litres of water a day ( Eight 8-ounce glasses).


Day 1: Total calories: 1,105

Breakfast: 100g of raspberries- 53 calories.


Lunch: Tuna pasta with chopped onion- 392 calories.

Wholegrain pasta (4.9oz) – 174 calories

Tuna- (100g) – 184 calories

Chopped onion- (1/2 cup)- 34 calories


Boil wholegrain pasta for approx 10 minutes

Once cooked, put in a bowl and add the tuna

Chop an onion and gradually stir in


Dinner: Thai green curry-  660 calories.

Chicken pieces (100g)- 239 calories

Thai green curry paste (per tbsp) – 14 calories

Coconut milk (100g) – 230 calories

Fish sauce (per tbsp 18g) – 6 calories

Chopped basil ( 2 tbsp 5.3g) – 1 calorie

Caster sugar (1 tsp 4.69g) – 19 calories

Vegetable oil (1 tsp) – 40 calories

Brown rice (100g) – 111 calories


Heat vegetable oil in frying pan

Add curry paste and caster sugar

Cook over fairly high heat for approx 1 minute

Reduce heat slightly and stir in chicken pieces until coated in curry paste

Add coconut milk, basil and fish sauce and bring to a simmer

Cook for 25-30 minutes until thickened

Serve warm with brown rice


Day 2: Total calories: 1,126

Breakfast: 100g of oatmeal- 68 calories

40g of dried cranberries- 123 calories


Lunch: Chicken stir fry- 424 calories

Chicken thigh (100g) – 177 calories

Olive oil (1 tbsp) – 80 calories

Soy sauce (1 tbsp) – 6 calories

Egg noodles (100g) – 138 calories

Red sliced pepper (1/2) – 23 calories


Cook the egg noodles seperatley:

( Boil in pan and simmer for 4 minutes, set aside until stir-fry is cooked)

Heat olive oil in frying pan

Fry the chicken thigh until browned

Add the sliced pepper and stir-fry for approx 3 minutes

Stir in the soy sauce

Continue to stir-fry over a medium heat for another 4 minutes (until chicken is cooked through)

Add in the cooked noodles and stir to combine


Dinner: Courgetti bolognse- 511 calories

Minced beef (100g) – 332 calories

Garlic clove (3g) – 5 calories

Tomato puree (3 tbsp) – 18 calories

Courgette (diced, 100g) – 17 calories

Canned tomatoes (100g) – 32 calories

Balsamic vinegar (1 tbsp 16g) – 14 calories

Beef stock (1 cup) – 7 calories

For the spaghetti:

1 Vegetable stock – 13 calories

2 courgettes- 34 calories


Heat a frying pan, add the mince and fry for 10 minutes until brown

Stir in the garlic and courgette and cook for approx 2 minutes

Pour in the canned tomatoes, tomato puree, balsamic vinegar and beef stock

Cover and simmer for 25 minutes (until meat is tender)

Meanwhile, put the vegetable stock into a large pan with boiling water

Add the 2 courgettes and cook for 2 minutes

Drain and serve


Day 3: Total calories: 1,062

Breakfast: Poached egg on toast-  311 calories

Poached egg (1 large 50g)- 71 calories

Wholewheat bread toasted (2 slices)- 138 calories

Margarine spread on toast (1 tbsp)-  102 calories


Lunch: Baked potato with beans- 248 calories

Baked potato (100g) – 93 calories

Baked beans (100g) – 155 calories



1 large apple: 116 calories

1 cup of apple juice: 113 calories


Dinner: Red lentil and carrot soup- 274 calories

Red lentils (100g) – 116 calories

2 large carrots (diced) – 60 calories

1 vegetable stock – 13 calories

1 garlic clove (3g) – 5 calories

2 tsp olive oil (4.5g) – 80 calories


Heat the oil in a medium pan

Slice garlic and dice the carrots

Add them to the pan and cook briefly over the heat

Pour in 1 lite of boiling water

Stir in the lentils and stock

Cover the pan and cook over medium heat for 15 minutes


Day 4: Total calories: 1,356

Breakfast: 100g of granola- 408 calories

100g of soy yogurt- 94 calories


Lunch: Chicken salad sandwich- 303 calories

Wholewheat bread x2 slices (28g) – 138 calories

Shredded chicken- (1/2 cup) – 106 calories

Iceberg lettuce- (1 large leaf) – 2 calories

Cucumber- (100g) – 16 calories

Tomato- (100g) – 18 calories

Medium red onion (1/2) – 23 calories


Dinner: Healthy oven baked fish and chips- 645 calories

Potatoes (450g) – 346 calories

1 white fish fillet- 90 calories

1 tbsp olive oil- 80 calories

Breadcrumbs (10z 28.4g) – 112 calories

1 lemon – 17 calories


Peel potatoes and chop into chips

Lay chips in a single layer on a baking tray

Drizzle with olive oil

Cook for 40 minutes (turning over half way)

Mix breadcrumbs with zest of lemon

Top the fish with the breadcrumb mixture

Put in a roasting tin

Bake in oven for final 10 minutes


Day 5: Total calories: 1,354

Breakfast: Fruit and fibre cereal (40g) – 152 calories

Semi- skimmed milk (100ml) – 47 calories


Lunch: Stuffed peppers- 373 calories

x2 Red peppers – 36 calories

White rice (100g) – 151 calories

Pesto (2 tbsp) – 83 calories

Goats cheese (1oz 28.4g) – 103 calories


Cut top off peppers and scoop out all of the seeds

Sit peppers on plate, cut- side up

Cook in microwave for 5 minutes (until they have softened)

While the peppers are cooking, mix rice together with pesto and goats cheese

Scoop the rice into the peppers

Continue to cook for 8-10 minutes


Dinner: Steak and sweet potatoes- 782 calories

Steak (100g) – 271 calories

Sweet potatoes (450g) – 387 calories

Rapeseed oil (1 tbsp) – 124 calories


Half-fill medium saucepan with water and bring to boil

Chop potatoes into smaller sizes

Add the potatoes to pan and cook for 4 minutes

Drain through a colander and return to saucepan

Pour over rapeseed oil, toss until potatoes are lightly coated with oil

Place potatoes onto baking tray and cook in oven for 25 minutes (turning gradually)

Trim any fat from the steak and rub with rapeseed oil

Put a large non-stick frying pan over medium heat and when hot, add the steak

Cook for 2 minutes on each side

Serve together


*Frequently asked questions:*

What can I use instead of raspberries?

You can choose any other fruit in a small portion. E.g. A banana, a cup of grapes, an orange, strawberry halves.

Does the pasta have to include tuna?

Yes. Following the diet correctly, means the tuna pasta is included. If you don’t like tuna you can choose another type of fish.

Does the curry have to be Thai green?

The curry is advised to be Thai green, however you could include any type of curry aslong as it is not a creamy type, E.g. Korma, masala, passanda.

What if I don’t like dried cranberries?

If you don’t like dried cranberries, you could use a handful of chopped walnuts or eat your oatmeal plain.

Do the peppers have to be red?

The peppers can be any colour! Just make sure they aren’t the sweetened ones, (or chillis).

What can I use instead of minced beef?

As an alternative, you could use ground turkey.

Do I have to use a poached egg?

You do not have to poach your egg, you can have it hard or soft boiled. Just make sure it is not fried.

Can I use cheese instead of beans?

No. In 100g of cheddar cheese, there is 33g of fat!

Does the milk have to be semi-skimmed?

Milk alternatives can be almond milk, soy milk, rice milk  or cashew milk. Make sure you don’t use full- fat milk.

Can I use any other rice instead of white?

Instead of white rice, you can use brown long-grain rice.



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