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The Cheaters Diet

What is the cheaters diet?

The Cheaters DietThe cheaters diet is a diet where you have five days of eating very healthily and then on the weekend you can eat whatever you want.  It’s popular because there have been many good reviews stating that it’s worked. This diet was created for people who wanted to lose weight but cheat whilst doing this and so they could lose weight and not feel guilty about what they are eating. This is an apparent approach in losing weight.  The Cheaters diet plan can be very tempting if you want to embark on a weight loss diet and don’t want to have to cut out certain foods.  This diet plan does also include constant exercise throughout however though it will grant a thirty- six hour period of cheating.

Dr Rivas says that a healthy diet should consist of two small snacks and three main meals.  This helps to prohibit a slow metabolism which can occur on many fad or restrictive diets.  Also to stoke your metabolism for losing weight its fundamental that you cheat on the weekends so that when you do go back on to eating regularly through the week you burn optimal calories.

When eating through the week it is advised to eat a lot of lean meats, fruits, vegetables, whole grain and low fat food products just like a Mediterranean Style diet.  To make it easier you can use the plate method: fill half your plate full of vegetables and fruit, on ¼ of the plate you can fill with whole grains and the last ¼ you should fill with lean protein.  However bread, sugar, alcohol and saturated fats are not permitted to be eaten through the week. When consuming the snacks its best to eat nuts, low- fat yoghurt, protein bars, fruit and low calorie frozen treats.  On the weekend you can have anything you like as long as it doesn’t or won’t generate a binge. When cooking you should stick to mono-saturated fats like nuts and olive oil.

• On the cheat days you can eat whatever you want.
• This diet promotes exercise
• You will remain more compelled to stick to this diet as you are allowed more leeway of eating what you want over the weekend.
• When on this diet you won’t be erasing any of your favourite foods.
• This diet has a balance of all the food groups.

• It lacks scientific research that could back up their claims that a cinnamon bun can be good for managing the level of sugar.
• They recommend supplements that haven’t even been proven to be effective in decreasing the loss of weight.
• It also fortifies the absorption of artificial sweeteners.

Dr Rivas philosophy suggests that when you are consuming any food in the cheating time which is controlled it motivates the dieter to commit to eating a lot healthier through the week. This means when it comes to consuming their favourite foods later on they will be able to eat without feeling guilty.

Rivas however does endorse a list of unique dietary supplements (green tea extract, Mucana Pruriens Yerba Mate and L-tyrosine 5 HTP,) to help along the loss of weight, but he does say that without taking the supplements you can still lose weight successfully.

A sample of the cheaters diet weekday menu

Two eggs scrambled boiled, fried any way you desire.
One half of a grapefruit or one medium sized orange.
Tea or coffee with non-fat milk and artificial sweetener.

Tuna  with mustard, lemon with salt, fat free mayo or olive oil.
Lettuce and tomato.
Whole grain or tortilla pita.
A serving of any vegetable.
Diet iced tea or water.

A handful of peanuts dry-roasted or fresh no oil or salt added.

Grilled slice chicken breast strips.
Steamed broccoli and peppers.
Brown rice.

Hot chocolate with artificial sweetener.

Many foods that you can consume on the Cheating Part of the diet.

• Pizza
• Wine
• Chocolate
• Peanut butter
• Cinnamon buns
• Ice cream
• Strawberry shortcake
• Cheese
• Bread
• Meat
• Nuts

There is a book which can help you along which can help you understand a the structure of a healthy weight loss plan and there are two weeks of weekday menus to help you get on track included in the book as well as recipes.