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The bigger the breakfast…the more weight you lose!

bigbreakfastNew research shows the bigger your breakfast, the more weight you lose! So, we hear you ask, how big is big?  Well…It’s a massive 700 calories!  You can then eat around 500 calories for lunch and just 200 calories for dinner.  Simply follow this plan for one month and you could lose as much as a stone.

To maximise your weight loss, keep as active as you can throughout the day and do at least three 30 minute exercise sessions per week.  Make sure you stick to zero calorie drinks like water, diet soda, herbal tea and black coffee.  After the month is up, it’s ok to keep to the same regime if you’re enjoying it, as it’s a balanced plan.  If you want to maintain your weight loss while continuing to eat the big at breakfast time, double your dinner calories and, if you keep losing weight, add an afternoon snack.

If you’re not a big breakfast fan, try halving the breakfasts and having one part first thing and the second an hour or two later.  There are no snacks allowed on this plan – but with such a big breakfast, you shouldn’t be hungry enough to snack.


  1. Two poached or scrambled eggs; 1 low fat sausage, 200g of baked beans, 1 slice of toast with a little spread, grilled tomatoes.
  2. 50g of low sugar muesli or other low sugar cereal with 150ml of semi skimmed milk, 1 banana, 2 pieces of toast, each spread with 1 tsp of peanut butter.
  3. 1 croissant with a little spread.  Fruit salad made from 1 banana and 2 other types of chopped fruit.  125g pot of low fat yoghurt or 200g of no fat greek yoghurt.
  4. 200g of no fat greek yoghurt, 1 tsp of honey, 1 piece of chopped fruit, 40g of walnut halves, 2 pieces of toast with a little spread.
  5. 1 bagel spread with half a mashed avocado.  2 slices of bacon, sliced tomatoes.


  1. 200g jacket potato, 120g of tuna and 1tbsp of low fat mayonnaise with a green salad.
  2. Any sandwich with less than 350 calories; 100 calorie bag of crisps along with a piece of fruit.
  3. Large salad with 100g of ham, 1 boiled egg, 10 small olives and 150g of baby potatoes.
  4. 75g of pasta spirals mixed with chopped cherry tomatoes and cucumber and 150g of prawns.
  5. 150g of roast chicken, 1 large roast potato, unlimited vegetables, 1 tbsp gravy.


  1. 200g can of any vegetable soup with 100g of canned beans, green salad.
  2. 100g of prawns with 200g of stir fried vegetables.
  3. 125g of grilled white fish with unlimited sautéed leeks and spinach.
  4. 100g steak with a large green salad.
  5. Sticks of raw vegetables (e.g. carrots) with 60g of low fat hummus. 10 small olives.