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The best diet ‘differs from one person to the next’

There are a number of great diets out there that help people to lose weight, but each slimmer must choose the one that is right for them, an expert has claimed.

Dr Carina Norris, a nutrition consultant, said that some people will find that they experience weight loss on a diet that comprises many small, healthy meals a day, whereas others will do better on three meals a day.

“It’s really a case of what works best for you. A lot of it depends on your eating personality,” she said.

Dr Norris went on to suggest that three square meals, featuring plenty of fruit and vegetables, some low-fat protein and wholegrain carbohydrates, can be “fantastic”.

She added that eating three larger meals, as opposed to many smaller meals, a day can make it easier for a person to consume the correct amount of nutrients.

Her comments follow the publication of research by Purdue University, which found that eating fewer, regular-sized meals, with higher amounts of lean protein, can make a dieter feel fuller than eating smaller meals more frequently.

Which of the two diets works best for you?