The Banana Diet

The Banana Diet

The Banana DietThe Banana Diet is easy to follow and gives you steady and slow weight loss.  The people who established the Banana Diet claim that if you drink water at room temperature and also consume bananas you can lose weight regardless of what you eat for the rest of the day. The Banana diet is not just a diet where you consume bananas by themselves they are just part of your daily menu.

There was a national shortage of Bananas when the Banana Diet was first promoted by a Japanese social networking site.  The diet was designed by Hitoshi Watanabe who studied preventative medicine and his wife who is a pharmacist.

The main reason why the Banana Diet works so well is that bananas are known to improve digestion and the enzymes that are found in bananas can also boost your metabolism.  Bananas can promote the feeling of being full because bananas contain a fibre that is high in resistant starch.  It has been speculated on the internet that drinking water at room temperature reduces hunger or cultivates between obesity and sleep deprivation.  To feel full on the fewest calories, focus on eating healthy foods high in water and fiber, like beans, soups, vegetables, and fruits. Make sure to include lean protein, such as low-fat yogurt, lean meat, eggs, or nuts, to help stave of hunger.

Rules of the diet
• Don’t forget to drink room temperature water only.
• Don’t weight yourself everyday
• Don’t skip breakfast when on this diet
• Don’t’ just eat bananas as bananas are not only effective themselves.
• Try not to avoid any meals.

Guidelines of the Banana Diet:

• Before each meal you should consume 1-2 bananas up to a minimum of three times a day.  This is easy to remember and is healthy.  So you should eat two bananas before lunch and eat two before your dinner and then consume one banana.
• You can eat whatever you want on this diet as long as you always consume 2 bananas before each meal.  Eating healthily will also help with losing the weightas well.
• If you get board of bananas you can always replace it with an apple before breakfast and before lunch.

How much weight can be lost?
It’s not stated how much weight you can lose on this diet but it does give you slow steady weight loss .  This diet is not the quickest way to shed weight but it is a healthy one. If you are looking for rapid results then your best of avoiding the Banana Diet.

The Pros:

• For reduced appetite and to have steady levels of blood glucose at breakfast steer clear of caffeine.
• If you avoid eating after 8pm it will diminish tendency for late night snacking on foods that have high calories.
• To limit fat and sugar and help to reduce calorie intake avoid desserts and dairy products.
• Bananas are high in fiber and are very nutritious and contain vitamins B6 and C and potassium.
• It can reduce overeating.
• Eating breakfast every day increases your metabolism and can reduce the urge to overeat later on through the day.
• There are no videos, books, DVDs, pills, shakes or prescriptions needed with the Morning Banana Diet.
• Naturally there are no side effects to consuming bananas for breakfast, unless you are allergic to the fruit

The Cons

• This diet does not encourage exercise and dieters are told that they only do it if they want to.
• With dieters being told they can eat what they want for lunch and dinner they will consume a lot more calories.
• People who suffer from hypoglycemia and some people may not respond well to a pure carbohydrate breakfast.

Sample plan for the Banana Diet

One or more bananas (eat as many as you need)
One glass of luke warm water

One or two Bananas
Meal of choice

Afternoon snack
A small sweet snack is allowed if hungry at around 3pm

One banana
Meal of choice but it must be consumed before 8pm.