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The 1970s could help you with slimming

The 1970s could help you with slimmingYou may have been drawing inspiration from the 1970s for your fashion choices this year, but did you know that the decade could also help you with your slimming plans?

Nutritionist Amanda Ursell told the Sun that Britons ate much less 40 years ago than they do today because portion sizes have crept up and up gradually.

For instance, scones have almost doubled in weight, while slices of bread are much bigger than they used to be.

Crisps now come in 50g bags rather than 25g and we even eat larger portions of pasta than our parents would have done.

To beat this and reduce your consumption of unnecessary calories, Ms Ursell recommended splitting things like cakes and snacks in two if they seem particularly big and carefully considering how big your plates are.

This comes after researchers at Harbin Medical University in China recommended chewing each mouthful of food you consume 40 times in order to allow the body to realise when it is full.

Do you think copying a 1970s eating plan is a good idea?