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Tasty and quick winter warmer salad recipes you will love!

saladWith the weather getting colder, the thought of eating a healthy salad often goes out the window in favour of warming comfort food.

 But David Bez’s new book Salad Love has solved the problem – it’s full of delicious, filling and soul-soothing winter warmers.

And even better, they are all super easy to make in under 20 minutes.

David says: “I’ve learnt a lot in my journey creating daily lunch salads, a journey which has included some failures but mostly successes.

“Salads are a great meal and the recipes in the book are real meals, photographed just a few seconds before being devoured.”

Here’s one of our favourite recipes for you to try out.


Tuna, cous cous, kale, green lentils and red onion

For the salad, assemble:

100g cooked wholewheat couscous

60g kale, chopped (discard the stems)

100g tinned green lentils

50g tinned tuna (preserved in water), flaked

1 sliced and pre-roasted red onion

For the dressing, mix:

1 tbsp extra virgin olive oil

1 tsp lemon juice

pinch of salt and pepper


VEGETARIAN ALTERNATIVE: Replace the tuna with 50g goat’s cheese, Brie or Pecorino
Source: Closer Online
Salad Love by David Bez