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Swiss balls ‘offer an all-over workout that is fun’

Swiss balls 'offer an all-over workout that is fun'Anyone hoping to achieve fast weight loss could consider trying workouts using Swiss balls at home or in the gym.

Vitality 4 Longevity trainer Neil Whyte told the West Australian he quickly became hooked on these after first using them and now teaches regular classes allowing other people to do the same.

He explained that Swiss balls give beginners a workout without them even realising because they are such good fun, even though the balance required to stay on one actually makes for quite hard work.

"Your entire body, including all deep and superficial muscles, joints, tendons, skin, internal organs and the central nervous system, can benefit," Mr Whyte commented.

He added that Swiss balls are especially good for slimming the tummy and abdomen, plus they can be used by anyone, whether they are young, old, overweight or even pregnant. also recommends Swiss balls, highlighting them as an ideal first piece of equipment when starting a fitness regime.

Are you a fan of Swiss balls or are you unable to see what all the fuss is about?