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Surprising the body ‘is the key to weight loss’

Those who want to lose weight should surprise the body by doing a variety of different exercises each week, according to a fitness expert.

Steve Halsall, exercise expert at and fitness entrepreneur, said that doing an hour of exercise a day is very challenging and suggested it could be too much for someone just embarking on an exercise regime.

He said that people should build up the intensity and duration of their exercise sessions gradually.

His comments follow the recent publication of a 13-year study by researchers from Harvard University which found that middle-aged women only lost weight when they did moderate exercise for an hour each day.

“If you are doing an hour a day, then you want to do something different every day. You want to surprise you body as much as you can,” Mr Halsall added.

He went on to suggest cross training as a good exercise for burning calories, speeding up the metabolism and, therefore, bringing about weight loss.

Have you ever tried using a cross trainer as part of your weight loss plan?