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Support underwear- the good, the bad & the ugly

Who doesn’t wear it these days?!


Everybody has heard of support underwear and almost everyone who has heard about it owns some themselves! Whether it’s some briefs, a pair of shorts or a corset, to the minority who haven’t heard of support underwear, here’s all you need to know…

Some people hear of support underwear and assume it’s for women, other people hear of support underwear and assume it’s for older women when IN FACT support underwear is trending and everyone is going nuts for it! No matter your age or gender, there is shapewear out there for YOU!

There are many reasons why people wear support underwear, some may be personal and others may want to just flaunt their figure! There are many women who have had caesarean sections and shortly afterwards are feeling unhappy with their figures and want to gain their confidence back. They want to feel comfortable in their own beautiful bodies without having to wear something extremely tight and painful! This is why so many ladies result in purchasing Spanx support underwear. Some have said that after three weeks of having their baby, they feel great wearing their Spanx and they really feel comfortable as well as looking great!


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Other women have their own personal reasons as to why they like wearing support underwear for example, after getting breast implants you are advised to wear a bra which is firm and supportive whilst you are in the healing process, that’s why SO many women choose shapewear. Forget all of the normal bra’s, you will need something to keep your brand new self in shape! They even assist the body in losing toxins. There really are so many advantages! The same applies for post-surgery. Many women are left feeling pained after surgery and miss showing off their figure, this is why it’s always good to know about support underwear. Feel comfortable and supported in the healing process, don’t settle for less. Choose shapewear! They range from bodysuits to camisoles, each and every piece doing something different and YOU are in charge. Simply choose what you’d like to be enhanced! Whether you want your tummy slimmed, your buttocks lifted, your thighs smoothed or your waist accentuated, there really is something out there for everyone…







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One of the most common reasons people like to wear support underwear is to get that hour glass figure look, to show off your best parts and really enhance what you already have! We sell a range of support underwear designed to shape and smooth your silhouette. A lot of people think you have to be secretive about your shapewear, as if it’s not considered ‘cool’ to wear it when in fact so many famous celebrities wear it walking down the red carpet and aren’t afraid to give a cheeky flash to the cameras! Being proud of their shapewear! Support underwear is getting more popular everyday, and I guess you could say more attractive?! It doesn’t have to be something that no one can see, we stock a wide range of No-Mi shapewear products which vary from tops to dresses! One of our best sellers is the No-Mi Noor Dress, it is supposed to be worn underneath a dress of your choice to shape your figure, some choose to even wear it on its own as it is comfortable and looks amazing so why not?



One of the most IMPORTANT things to know about support underwear is that it is not just for women! Men also like to wear shapewear that compliment their body best! If you didn’t already know, we stock shapewear for men! We have zoned performance tanks designed to make you feel and look slimmer as well as enhance your body.This is as well as selling Equmen precision underwear trunks which optimise your health and well-being by providing extra support, being ultra comfortable and enhancing your body!


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If you weren’t already aware your favourite celebrities are always wearing support underwear, the likes of Dannii Minogue, Oprah, Julia Roberts and of course Kim Kardashian all adore their Spanx!

The Glamorous Tyra Banks loves her Spanx so much! She says “Every celebrity walking down the red carpet, you think it’s all  just naturally like ‘shooop’. A lot of them have Spanx on”.

People really are going crazy for Spanx!











What about the young and trendy Miley Cyrus? She claims “Spanx are a Gift from God”. SO many celebs are discovering what all of the fuss is about!











What are you waiting for?

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