Time For A Summer Shake Up?

Time For A Summer Shake Up?

One Piece Swim SuitSummer is here! Depending on your point of view, this will either be cry of joy or a proclamation of utter panic!

Ok, so we promised ourselves that this year would be different, that our cellulite would be under control, that our bingo wings would be toned to within an inch of their lives and our tummies would be flat as pancakes. But the months have passed so very quickly and now the summer is officially upon us. Did you keep up your summer weight loss plan?

If not don’t panic! Here are some quick summer fixes to make showing your body off, as painless as possible.
Quick Summer Weight Loss

Summer weight loss

There are ways to achieve quick weight loss in time for summer. If you have a holiday planned within the next couple of months and really need to kick start your weight loss plan, you could try a course of slimming pills. Slim Bomb pills really do pack an explosive diet punch! They work by boosting your energy and metabolism, which in turn burns fat and also suppresses appetite.

If you only have a few weeks before you have to face the dreaded swimsuit, then you could think about choosing a short term weight loss diet. We have already highlighted the 3 day diet here at Slimming Solutions, but there are others too. The Lemon Detox Diet or Maple Syrup Diet has been made famous recently because of Beyonce Knowles. She lost an incredible 22 lbs in just 2 weeks for a film role using this method which is a drink based weight loss plan. Our kit contains everything you need to begin following the plan including The Lemon Detox Rejuvenation Sensation book, Supplementary slimming tea bags, root ginger, syrup and even fresh lemons. There really is no excuse!

Another way to see significant, and speedy results is to treat your self to a body wrap. Victoria Beckham is said to be a big fan of their quick shrinking powers on her body – particularly after having her children. The Shape Changer Detox Body Wrap, as well as feeling like a luxury spa treatment at home, has been proven to give results. It was featured on television recently as part of a Supersize vs Superskinny experiment and was shown to help losers shed 2.38 inches on average! Body wraps like this also work to firm skin and reduce cellulite.

Cosmetic Fixes

If your holiday is just around the corner and you have achieved all of the summer weight loss you are realistically going to achieve without hitting your target, there are still ways to feel good about your body!

Firstly, we all know the power of a sun tan! If you are looking golden and sunkissed then everything looks better – even your bikini. Fake tans, such as Fake Bake the tanning product used by Britney Spears, give us an instant lift. They give the illusion on longer, slimmer limbs and also disguise stretch marks and cellulite. The Fake Bake range has everything you need to transform yourself into a bronzed goddess before hitting the beach. There is tanning mousse, lotion, gel, airbrush spray and a make up range with lip gloss and facial bronzer – all designed to really give you the best coverage and glow.One Piece Swim Suit

The other thing you can do to make the most out of your shape, is to shop wisely for your swimwear. Thankfully the one piece swimsuit is back in fashion and there are a multitude of designs to choose from. This is always a good option for those of us who are very self conscious. The one piece will flatter by hiding a tummy and elongating the entire body if worn in a solid colour. A low cut one piece will also draw attention to the bust and away from the lower half, if that is your problem area. And remember to always choose a high leg as this will lengthen the leg and create a slimming effect on the thighs, bum and hips.

If you prefer a two piece swimsuit there are other tips to remember. If you have a large bust always choose a top that has underwiring and supports and lifts your bust.

Two Piece Swim SuitAnything else will only flatten your bust and create an unflattering shape. Longer tankini style tops are good to cover up a larger midriff and wearing a bright or patterned top with dark or plain bottoms will draw the eye away from the tummy, bum and thigh areas. A funkier option if you are intent on covering up is a woman’s surfer style board short teamed with a bikini top. These will cover everything but keep you looking fresh and confident. And lets not forget the fantastic array of sarongs and kaftan style tops, in all lengths that there are available everywhere. But the golden rule when it comes to your beachwear? Always walk tall and wear it with pride no matter what your shape or size! I promise you this makes a huge difference.


And finally, no matter how much you are struggling to lose weight, never lose this! If you do have a holiday planned then see this as your ultimate motivation and in the meantime you could try joining diet clubs and online forums. This kind of support will keep you motivated. And when you feel tempted to cheat or give in ask yourself, “which will bring me more happiness, this chocolate/pizza/cake/burger – or walking along a sun drenched beach wearing nothing but a bikini and a smile?”……