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Summer weather ‘helps people get in shape’

Summer weather 'helps people get in shape'Brits should use the warm weather which is currently covering the UK to kick-start their latest fitness or weight loss regime.

This is the opinion of Ann Finnemore, hypnotherapist, life coach and founder of, who believes that the summer is the best season for getting in shape.

"Firstly, the longer and warmer days make it easier to get out and about, increasing your activity and therefore, the number of calories you burn," she explained.

Fitness activities during the summer can also be fun, be it with some cycling through the countryside, pursuing a spot of gardening or playing some games in the park.

"All of these things can really improve your fitness and help you shed your excess weight," Ms Finnemore added.

Mary Comber, editor of Health & Fitness, was also keen to recommend recently that people base their fitness regimes on exercises which will help with everyday tasks.

She queried: "After all, what's the use of having beautifully toned arms if you can't run for a bus or lift a heavy suitcase with ease?"

Are you using the hot weather to get in shape?