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Successful weight loss ‘is all in the mind’

Successful weight loss 'is all in the mind'The reason many people fail to lose weight is because they have already made up their mind that they have no chance of achieving their slimming goal, it has been claimed.

Dr Charles Platkin, nutrition and public health advocate, told that one essential component of a successful weight loss strategy is to have self-belief and confidence that the goal can be reached.

As he explained: “Thinking you can’t do it even before you start makes it that much harder. So, avoid thoughts like ‘I can’t lose weight – it’s in my genes’, ‘I’ll never be able to exercise three times a week’ and ‘I can’t eat at a restaurant without pigging out on the bread basket’.”

Dr Platkin said that telling yourself that you can do something is half the battle because, if people convince themselves they cannot achieve something, there is a high likelihood that they will not be able to do it.

He suggested people try to build confidence by educating themselves, for example taking a few healthy cooking classes or buying a health and fitness DVD.

Another successful way to build confidence is for people to examine other instances when they have been successful at overcoming adversity, and draw on this if they are struggling to maintain their weight loss motivation, the expert told the website.

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