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Successful slimmers ‘eat protein at every meal’

People aiming to lose weight are more likely to succeed if they eat protein at every meal, an expert has claimed.

Jessica Villa, an independent nutritionist for obesity information service Big Matters, said that the body requires protein to “slim down”.

She advised people to ditch the sugary snacks and choose rice cakes with sliced ham, turkey, or chicken instead.

Ms Villa also recommended snacking on nuts and seeds or low-fat yogurt with fruit.

“The protein and the fats decrease the uptake of sugar, [which is] so important to successfully snack without feeling hungry after one hour,” she explained.

Her advice follows the publication of research by Texas Woman’s University, which revealed that snacking on blueberries could prevent fat from forming in the body.

The research was conducted using mice, so further studies need to be carried out on humans to see whether this so-called super fruit can help slimmers in their weight loss goals.

Do you eat protein at every meal?