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Strictly’s Abbey Crouch: “I’m eating like a horse!”

abbey-clancyWhen Abbey Crouch signed up for Strictly Come Dancing, there were fears the intense exercise regime may take its toll on her tiny size 6 frame, but she recently revealed to New! magazine that she has been eating “like a horse” in order to stay in shape and keep her energy up in training.

“The training is intense but you definitely do eat more. You need to keep your energy up. Everyone has been eating like horses”, she said.

Fitness expert Nicki Waterman revealed it’s important that Abbey eats well while she’s on the show. ”Abbey will definitely lose weight due to the show’s intense regime. Abbey could lose a good stone through the training. She could be burning 1,600 calories a day”, Nicki said.

However the 27-year-old model seems unfazed by the risk of weight loss and has revealed her main reason for doing the show is to increase her fitness.

“My fitness levels are horrendous, I’m strong but I’ve got no stamina. I get out of breath so easily. That’s one of the things I’m looking forward to the most, because I don’t train or go to the gym, so just getting my fitness up, toning and feeling good”.

Tweeting pictures of fry-up’s and Mc Donalds burger’s has assured us all that she certainly is fueling her body for the show.