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Stress ‘could be affecting diets of office workers’

Stress 'could be affecting diets of office workers'New research has suggested that office workers could be struggling to eat a healthy diet and achieve weight loss because of their workload.

A poll carried out for the Aviva Health of the Workplace report showed that many people cannot take the breaks they should do in the middle of the day because they have too much to do.

Some 30 per cent admitted they rarely manage to have a lunch hour, while 13 per cent said they never eat during working hours.

However, 37 per cent reported overeating in their office because they are so stressed they are in need of comfort food, something that could thwart any weight loss attempts.

Despite the fact that work could have an adverse effect on people's diets, weight and food are still hot topics for colleagues and friends to discuss over the course of a day, a recent study carried out by First Cape noted.

Do you manage to eat a healthy diet at work?