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Strange but true: Celebrity diet secrets

AnneHathawayWant to know what your favourite celebs really eat or do to stay looking  gorgeous? Don’t be fooled by the Hollywood tan, bright, white smile or killer body, lots of A-listers have weird celebrity diet secrets that they swear by to make sure that they look a million dollars at all times.

Weird celebrity diet secrets aren’t a new thing. Famous women have been doing quirky things for years to stay in shape. Actress Marilyn Monroe apparently used to crack two raw eggs into hot milk for breakfast, skip lunch, then eat liver for dinner before heading to an ice-cream parlour for a huge sundae!

Imogen Thomas – Slimsticks

New mum Imogen Thomas revealed how she planned to lose her baby weight after giving birth to daughter, Ariana – hot yoga classes and Slimsticks. They’re small, flavoured sticks of powder that you dissolve in water then drink before meals to fill you up.

Anne Hathaway – Hummus and radishes

Anne Hathaway revealed how she lost 16lb from her already slim frame for her role in Les Miserables. Anne, who plays Fantine in the movie adaption, says she survived on hummus and radishes. She said the hardest part of shedding the weight was giving up her favourite food, cheese.

Victoria Beckham – The Alkaline Diet

Victoria Beckham has tweeted her love for the Alkaline Diet. She posted a pic of her favourite new cookbook on Twitter, Honestly Healthy, telling her fans: ‘Love this healthy eating cookbook’. On the diet, you stick to alkaline foods like green veg, almonds and lemons rather than eating acidic foods such as oats, milk and chicken. And it’s not just great for shifting the pounds, eating alkaline is apparently good for the skin too.

Jennifer Aniston – Alkaline smoothies

Jennifer Aniston apparently stays in shape by sticking to the Alkaline Diet too. Instead of drinking acidy fruit juices, she sips on an alkaline smoothie every morning to give her more energy, a flat tum, and glowing skin.

Miranda Kerr – Special water

Victoria and Jen aren’t the only celebrity fans of the Alkaline Diet. Model Miranda Kerr has also admitted that she only drinks water which has been passed through a special filter to remove any acid.

Adele – Running with her dog

Singing sensation Adele has lost almost a stone in weight since taking up jogging with her dog and dropping meat from her diet. Adele started the new fitness regime with her boyfriend, Simon Konecki, at the beginning of the year.

Elizabeth Hurley – Vodka

Super-slim Elizabeth Hurley claims her figure is down to swapping wine for vodka. She believes that women over 40 should also avoid coffee as it causes bloating.

Kelly Osbourne – An apple before bed

Kelly Osbourne has put her three-stone weight loss down to eating something healthy ‘like half an apple’ before she goes to bed at night. It’s thought to keep your metabolism going while you sleep.

Victoria Beckham – Pu-Erh tea

Victoria Beckham is said to drink Pu-Erh, which is a black tea, to help keep her slim. The tea increases your metabolism, reduces cholesterol, and has medicinal properties.

Madonna – Yoga and macrobiotic diet

Madonna has a strict regime of Ashtanga yoga and follows a macrobiotic diet, which includes eating whole grains every day and  going for natural sugars like honey and rice syrup instead of sweeteners.

Oprah Winfrey – Ice lollies

Famous for her yo-yo  dieting, Oprah Winfrey finds one thing that does work for her is snacking on iced fruit lollies to satisfy her sweet tooth.

Julia Roberts – Knitting

Julia Roberts says that knitting keeps her mind from thinking about food and stops her snacking.

Jennifer Lopez – Grapefruit oil sniffing

Studies show that smelling grapefruit oil for 15 mins three times a day reduces your appetite. It may sound a little bizarre, but J-Lo is convinced it works and carries a pot round with her!

Gwyneth Paltrow – Dandelion tea

Gwyneth Paltrow drinks dandelion tea, which is a natural diuretic so it helps get rid of  water retention.

Fern Britton – Gluten-free diet

As well as having a gastric band fitted, Fern Britton and celeb chef husband Phil Vickery eat a mainly gluten-free diet.

Reese Witherspoon – Hiking (backwards)

Walking and jogging are great forms of exercise. Reese Witherspoon is such a fan she’s taken it one step further by walking backwards carrying 5lbs to tone up her calves.

Cindy Crawford – Vinegar shots

Cindy Crawford apparently swigs a sip of vinegar to kill her appetite before going out to dinner. Not something we’d recommend, as there are loads of more appealing ways to curb your hunger.

Coleen Nolan – Disco dancing

Coleen Nolan says she’s always struggled with her weight, but finding exercise that was fun was key to her slimming down. She says disco dancing at home for up to three hours helped shed the extra pounds.

Demi Moore – Apple slices with peanut butter

No, it’s not a weird pregnancy craving, it’s what Demi Moore snacks on to kill her sweet tooth. The peanut butter also fills her up as nuts have naturally slow-releasing energy.