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The Squat Challenge vs Sarah & Danielle

Myself & Danielle took it upon ourselves to try out the 30 day squat challenge. We both openly admit that when we started out, the thought of being able to manage 250 squats by day 30 seemed an impossible task but we’re on day 29 (and still alive!).


Squat challenge, what squat challenge?


Once we’ve finished all 30 days we plan to continue with 100 squats a day for the foreseeable.


Our next goal is the plank challenge and if I’m honest I’m really looking forward to it, Danielle not so much 😉


One thing we’d both say is that exercising with a friend has made the experience so much more enjoyable, we’ve given each other huge encouragement, helped each other through the pain and had a bundle of laughs along the way.


It’s made a huge difference to the strength in our legs and has helped us on our way to achieving a booty like Kim K!


If we can do it anyone can, so what are you waiting for? #thesegirlscan


Sarah xx


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