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Smoothies ‘should be natural and full of fruit’

Smoothies 'should be natural and full of fruit'People starting detox diets may be interested in some tips on how best to make smoothies.

Nutritionist Fiona Kirk said it is cheaper to make them at home than to buy them from supermarkets, especially if you purchase fruit that has been reduced thanks to it being "slightly bashed".

She recommended packing them full of fruit so they are as nutritious as possible.

"Berries and cherries are the richest in vitamin C and antioxidants, but a good cross section of fruits is good … There are so many vegetables you can put into smoothies as well," Ms Kirk commented.

The expert suggested spinach, water cress, lettuce and green leaves as other potential ingredients.

Many Britons may be using smoothies as a way to do a master cleanse, as recent research from Mintel found that £140 million worth of the readymade drinks was sold in 2010 and 2011

However, making them at home could be just as popular, as 82 per cent of shoppers admitted they would buy more if they were cheaper.

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