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Slimming Pills vs Diet Patches


Two of the most popular weight loss supplements on the market today are diet patches and slimming pills. This has led many people to wonder which one works best, this article takes a closer look at slimming pills vs diet patches, comparing the two different supplement types.


What are diet patches?

Diet patches are applied directly to your skin like a plaster. They contain a combination of natural plant extracts which are absorbed directly into your bloodstream to help reduce appetite cravings. Many customers  find that applying a patch in the morning after shower is a much more convenient method of weight loss than remembering to take a pill more than once a day.  Patches are also ideal for those who struggle to swallow tablets.


How do diet patches work?

When applied to a clean, dry, hairless part of the body, diet patches work around the clock enabling the active ingredients to by-pass the digestive system’s acids and enzymes so they can get straight to work on your body’s fatty reserves.

Diet patches are an effective way of administering the active ingredients into your body quickly, easily and effectively, and the ease of use makes them a hugely popular product.


What are slimming pills?

Slimming pills are any number of dietary supplements that can help you lose weight by burning/blocking fat or suppressing your appetite. They often contain many of the same ingredients as diet patches, but are absorbed through your digestive system rather than your skin. There are a large variety of different slimming pills on the market today. Slimming pills are one of the most popular types of weight loss product available.


How do slimming pills work?

This varies greatly depending on the type of slimming pill. Some work by speeding up your metabolism and suppressing your appetite whilst others burn fat.

Most also work well alongside other slimming products such as diet patches or slimming teas to give an extra boost however this does depend on each individual product.

Slimming pills vs diet patches, which is better?

Both are mostly just as effective as one another as many contain similar ingredients, the preference is down to the consumer, some prefer the ease of a patch and others prefer slimming pills as there is a wider choice available on the market. Finding a product that works well with your body can provide you with great results.

Whether your choice is diet patches or slimming pills, they should always be a supplemented with a good diet and exercise routine.

What is your personal preference, pills or patches?