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Slimming pals ‘aid weight loss’

Slimming pals 'aid weight loss'People aiming for weight loss are much more likely to hit their slimming goals if they befriend people with similar aims, new research has shown.

A study found that overweight individuals were more likely to shift the pounds when supported by people with health targets in line with their own.

Researchers from Brown University now believe that weight loss can have a ripple effect.

They studied 3,330 overweight and obese individuals with a BMI of 31.2 or more, allocating them to one of 987 teams, each which encompassed between five and 11 members.

Participants who lost the most weight, amounting to over five per cent of their body weight, were typically on the same teams.

Lead researcher Tricia Leahey said: “We know that obesity can be socially contagious, but now we know that social networks play a significant role in weight loss as well.”

Furthermore, those who reported higher levels of social influence with their teammates increased their chances of achieving clinically significant weight loss by 20 per cent.

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