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Slimming ‘is still possible, even at Christmas’

Slimming 'is still possible, even at Christmas'Slimming is still possible over the festive season – but you will have to employ a little self-control and dedication.

This is the advice of personal trainer and fitness instructor Beth Wilbanks, who told that you should focus on family and fun, rather than just food.

She suggested looking carefully at portion sizes and not going overboard just because it is Christmas.

Ms Wilbanks pointed out that every pound gained is about 3,500 calories, which will take a lot of burning off come January, so it is not worth overindulging.

In addition, regular exercise should still be scheduled in even though it is the holidays, the expert said. She explained that it is easy to get out of the habit if you skip too many days, resulting in potential weight gain.

Earlier this month, nutritional therapist from Foods for Life Yvonne Bishop-Weston recommended setting aside treat days over Christmas so you do not feel too tempted to splurge on other days.

Have you got a strategy for slimming over Christmas?