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Slimming ‘can stay on track at Christmas’

Slimming 'can stay on track at Christmas'If you’re slimming at the moment, don’t worry that your regime will have to go out of the window once Christmas gets closer.

Yvonne Bishop-Weston, nutritional therapist from Foods for Life, said we have a tendency these days to view the festive period as lasting from December 1st to when we return to work in January.

However, she pointed out that this undoubtedly leads to overindulgence and instead recommended setting aside treat days when you can splurge a little on calories without feeling too guilty.

Once Christmas gets even closer, Ms Bishop-Weston said it is a good idea to try eating healthily from Monday to Friday and then treating yourself at the weekends.

And if you’re really pushed for time and know you can’t avoid a ready-meal, the expert suggested grabbing a nutritious one.

“A stir fry, veg pot and some of the great vegetable and bean based meals are good enough. Have a look around the shop and plan ahead,” she commented.

This comes after Atkins research found that more than half of women admit to dieting before Christmas.

Are you planning to tackle your overindulgence this Christmas?