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Slimmers ‘should beware of diets that ban a food group’

Slimmers 'should beware of diets that ban a food group'People should beware of diets that involve cutting out an entire food group, such as carbohydrates, a nutrition expert has advised.

Amanda Holliday, a clinical associate professor from the Department of Nutrition at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, said that these types of diets can deprive the body of essential nutrients.

Diets that advise avoiding a food group can also increase a dieter's risk of cardiovascular disease.

"Rather than trying to eliminate a particular food group, you should aim for a balanced diet," the expert went on to say.

Ms Holliday said that each meal should consist of 50 per cent fruits and vegetables, and 25 per cent lean meat or protein, such as fish, skinless chicken, nuts or beans.

The final quarter should contain healthy grains or starches, such as whole wheat pasta.

While Ms Holliday recommends not cutting out carbs, recent research conducted by the University of Texas Southwestern Medical School suggests that reducing this food type causes the liver to lose fat fast.

How do your meals match up to Ms Holliday's recommendations? ADNFCR-2965-ID-800529482-ADNFCR