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The Swedish Diet helped a Slimmer lose 12lbs in one week!

The Swedish Diet is an all natural diet program which allows you to lose an average of 3-7lbs per week.

The Swedish Diet combines an all-natural liquid meal replacement and body cleanse, with moderate exercise and a sensible diet.

The diet cleanse is the key dietary supplement on the program and very important because it helps cleanse your body of food residue and other toxins, while replacing your regular breakfast. Getting off on the right foot in the morning sets the tone for the day of careful food choices and willingness to move your body for 20 minutes any way you see fit.

With every diet, there are cons as well as pros. These include:

– Only requires one meal replacement per day rather than multiple meals.
– Only requires 20 minutes of exercise per day alongside the meal replacement.
– Nutritional information and exercise comes with the diet.

– You are likely to put weight back on if you no longer follow the diet.
– Meal-replacement diets have been proven to lead to weight regain on food binges.
– Weight loss claims have been exaggerated.
– The product may not be totally safe even though claims to be natural.

Kimberley Jennings from London lost a staggering 12lbs in just one week following the Swedish diet.

“My Success story is that I have tried over thirty diets and none have shifted my weight as much as The Swedish Diet. I only took it for a week to try it out and have lost 12lbs and 6 inches over my body” Kimberley said.

There are also some impressive weight loss reports by others who raved about The Swedish Diet.

Fiona Jack lost 33lbs in 6 months!
“The Weight stayed off and my appetite was smaller”.

Cheryl Osborn lost 21lbs in 1 month!
“I actually lost weight from the places that I really wanted to lose”.

Steve Amos lost 35.5lbs in 12 weeks!
“I am looking forward to going on holiday this year to show the body I always wanted”.

Have you tried The Swedish Diet?