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Slim down your face with the Kate Moss fringe

Slim Down your Face with the Kate Moss Fringe

Here at we’re always on the lookout for little short-cuts or cheats to help us look slimmer, taller, younger – so here’s the lowdown on just how to get Kate’s younger, slimmer-faced look.

Make your way down to the hairdressers with a torn-out picture of her to get a copycat style. To make sure you get the best result, use her stylist James’ tips for a supermodel fringe:

  • Fringes can work for most people, especially when they’re kept a bit longer. A short, precise, ‘Louise Brooks’ is probably the hardest fringe to wear. It really is a strong look and you need lots of confidence to carry it off.
  • Fringes are probably least suited for people with really curly hair – especially in the winter when the air is damp.
  • When getting your fringe cut, always ask the salon to leave it longer, rather than shorter. You can always just pop back to have the fringe trimmed; most salons won’t charge you for this.
  • A fringe is also a good way to balance or soften your look if you’ve got a high forehead or really strong, distinctive features.
  • The fringe done for Kate has a fresh young look but still manages to be sexy. He particularly loves how it can be styled to half veil, half reveal her eyes – that can be very hot.
  • One good tip is to break the fringe up a bit for a softer look. Just take a balm or spray a little hairspray onto the fingertips and use your fingers to separate the fringe into uneven sections.