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Simple tricks to kick-start your fitness regime

 As posted on Closer Online we really are creatures of habit and find comfort in routine so adopting a totally new diet or healthy eating programme is hard for some of us and downright impossible for others, particularly after the festive season.All too often it results in failure and all the disappointment and self-loathing that goes along with the territory.Here are a few health and fitness tips to incorporate into your life for the next few weeks.You’ll be surprised at how quickly some of them become new habits, making further advancement each month less of a chore and more of an adventure!Swap a Snack:If you mid-morning and mid-afternoon snack usually comprises of a cup of coffee, tea or a fizzy drink with a slice of cake, a pastry, a biscuit, a packet of crisps etc., replace one snack per day with a healthier option. How about a couple of oatcakes or Ryvita, topped with chicken/tuna/egg/cheese, a bag of unsalted nuts and seeds, a piece of fruit or a smoothie?Add a Staircase:On the way to and from work, in your lunch hour or whilst shopping, walk up and down one more flight of stairs than you normally do, every day for a week – if you are carrying bags of shopping – even better!Break Open a Bag:Buy bags of ready chopped vegetables and every night for a week. Steam, roast or stir-fry them and have them before, during or after your evening meal – yes, have a whole bag yourself!Go Brown:Substitute brown grains for white: Choose brown bread, brown rolls, brown rice and whole wheat pasta instead of the white varieties.Fill a Fruit Bowl:Buy a good selection of fruit at the beginning of the week so your fruit bowl is overflowing, put it in a place you frequently pass and aim to finish it by the end of the week – then fill it up again!Get Fishy:Add something “fishy” to one of your main meals or snacks every day for a week. Add fish or shellfish to a salad, have a sandwich/roll with tuna or salmon, have a pack of fish sushi, top a pile of brown rice with grilled or baked fillet of mackerel and surround with a selection of crunchy steamed vegetables.Love a Lemon:Put a slice of lemon or a few drops of lemon juice into a mug of boiled water and grate in some fresh ginger – keep a few bits of peeled ginger in a bag in the freezer for quickness. Sip while you are getting ready every morning for a week.Strike a Balance:Every time you have a drink – tea, coffee, juice, alcohol have a large glass or small bottle of water alongside every drink for a week.Forget The Frying Pan:If you are in the habit of frying foods, opt for steaming, baking, stir-frying or roasting instead. Grill your meats and fish, steam your vegetables, roast your birds and boil your eggs.Fancy a cuppa too?  Why try our Slimming Tea which has huge amount of weight loss benefits!