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Shoppers urged to buy British pork

Shoppers urged to buy British porkPeople keen to add nutritious foods to their diet in order to lose weight have been encouraged to buy British pork.

Celebrity farmer Jimmy Doherty said it is important to look for a red tractor symbol on packs of meat to know you are purchasing produce that has come from this country and is therefore approved for animal welfare.

"We've got the best farmers in the world, so let's support them. Pig farmers have had a really hard time … let's keep our money at home and spend it on British pork," he urged.

 A new campaign has been launched recently by the government in order to get consumers to think more about quality when buying meat, especially pork.

People have been encouraged to visit the Love Pork website and Facebook page to sign a 'pork promise' and then buy only British produce.

It could then be used to cook up healthy recipes such as pork casserole as part of a weight loss regime.

Do you buy British meat?