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Sequence ‘alters people’s calorie estimations’

Sequence 'alters people's calorie estimations'The sequence in which people are shown items of food affects the amount of calories they estimate are in each piece, a study has shown, which could interest those embarking on a diet to lose weight.

Published in the Journal of Consumer Research, the study involved asking a group of people to guess how many calories were in two items of food – a cheese burger and a salad.

When asked in that sequence – cheese burger then salad – the average response was that the burger had 570 calories.

However, when asked to guess the content of a salad and then the burger, the participants estimated the latter to contain 787 calories.

"If individuals tend to overestimate the calorie content of healthy/indulgent sequences of items, they are also likely to exercise greater self-regulation in consumption," said study author Alexander Chernev of Northwestern University.

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How good are you at guessing the calorie content of different foods?