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Boot Camp Body Diet Secret Facebook Support

Sharing is caring! Most of the time anyway. Are you boring your friends and family with constant weight loss updates, questions about recipes, or just frustration that your scales are clearly broken?

Come share with us and other Boot Camp Body Dieters instead! Our secret support group on Facebook lets you share things with the people who’ll care about them most.


How secret is a secret group?

The group is available exclusively by invite, so only people who’ve ordered Boot Camp Body Diet products will be added by a Slimming Solutions administrator. Nobody, except the other members of the group, will be able to find it in a search, or find any trace of it on your personal Facebook profile or business page. Even if you send someone the URL of the group, they won’t be able to see the page. It’s that secret.

Nobody on your Facebook friends list will be able to see that you’ve joined the group, or anything you post or comment on. It’s completely secret, military style! Only members of the group can search for and see the group and what members post. Plus, the group is only for people on the Boot Camp Body Diet – so you know that everybody is on the same journey as you.


Why should I join?

The focus of this group is to provide information, support, inspiration, and motivation to assist each of you on your Boot Camp Body journey. We want to develop open and honest communication in a safe haven, free from any shame or judgement.

This is your chance to talk to others who are on the same journey. Share as much or as little as you want; from insights and experiences, to joys and frustrations.

We add special offers, discounts and competitions onto the group too. We’re building up an active community so jump in and join.


How to join

Simply click ‘add me to Facebook Support group’ when you order or alternatively, email