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Say goodbye to bloating

bloatingStomach bloating is so common these days it’s been called an “epidemic.” Do you regularly suffer from bloating? It can be extremely painful, really uncomfortable and sometimes difficult to control. We’ve found some natural, food based remedies that should help to ease even the most troublesome of tummy’s without the need for medication or a diet overhaul.


A well-known remedy for an upset tummy, ginger also provides a welcome relief for bloating. Try ginger candy, ginger tea, and adding fresh ginger to yogurt or a stir-fry.


Flush out urine while simultaneously flushing out that bloated feeling. Asparagus contains prebiotics, which like probiotics, help support good digestive bacteria.


You’re already bloated and you’re supposed to drink more water? Yep. But stay away from carbonated drinks; they actually induce bloating and GI problems. If water is too bland for your taste buds, try adding slices of cucumber, orange, or lemon to make it tastier.


Crunching on celery may just feel like a workout for the jaws but it’s also working on your bloat. Celery can be used as a digestive aid to control intestinal gas because its chemicals are known to decrease fluid retention. Not a fan of celery? Why not try water retention tablets?


Almond milk
Some of us just can’t tolerate dairy and may be lactose intolerant. The sugar or lactose in milk can cause belly bloat and pain. Plant-based versions of traditional dairy products can provide a non-bloating alternative.


Bok choy
Leafy greens like bok choy help reduce bloating because they contain dietary nitrates that increase the expansion of your blood vessels, increasing circulation in the areas that need fluid removal, like a bloated tummy.


Bloating relief made easy


Kefir and yoghurt
If dairy isn’t a problem for you, try kefir, a fermented milk beverage, and yogurt. Both contains probiotics, which are good for the belly, body and bloating.


Crunchy on the outside and packed with 96 percent water on the inside, this salad topper also helps flush out bloat. They are also full of fibre to help the digestive tract run smoother.


You say tomato, I say tomahto. However, you pronounce it; tomatoes are great for reducing bloating. Being potassium rich they help balance out sodium levels in the body, resulting in less water weight and bloat.


Pretty to look at and tasty to eat yet some people are turned off by the odour of a ripe papaya. Don’t let the smell turn you away from its benefits for bloating.


This fermented Korean side dish is rich in vitamins and aids in digestion. Not a fan of kimchi? Sauerkraut has the same benefits.


This Mediterranean vegetable is well known for its liquorice-like taste. Eat the seeds or brew a cup of fennel tea the next time your tummy is bloated.


How about a cup of tea with dinner to stop bloating? Peppermint teas are excellent to start a meal and to improve digestion. Slimming Solutions Teatox, made up of peppermint and ginger, cleanses your digestive system, leaving you feeling refreshed and rejuvenated.


Beat the bloat today, the easy way