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Recession could result in ‘need for weight loss tips’

Weight loss tips could be needed as recession takes its tollRegistered nutritionist Dr Carina Norris believes that people often turn to unhealthy foods in times of financial hardship – which can result in a growing need for weight loss tips.

Dr Norris claims that people sometimes find it hard to stick to a healthy weight loss diet when they are strapped for cash, but believes that it is perfectly possible – even during an economic downturn.

She said that it was undoubtedly true that people tend to gravitate towards less healthy foods when money is tight because they are often the easiest – and cheapest – option.

"The problem is that not enough people know how to eat healthily on a tight budget and we're all being squeezed financially at the moment," she said.

Dr Norris claimed that one of the biggest barriers was the fact that many people don't know how to prepare meals from fresh ingredients.

"That is why people are resorting to convenience foods, fast foods and takeaways and things like that," she concluded.

Recently, Barbara Schmidt, a nutrition lifestyle specialist from Norwalk Hospital, told the Wilton Village that sticking to a healthy diet can often aid slimming.

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