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Rebecca Adlington’s wedding weight loss


Olympic swimmer Rebecca Adlington has admitted that she wanted to lose weight before her wedding, and she has finally revealed the secrets behind her dramatic weight loss and stunning new shape.

Rebecca Adlington’s weight gain

During her time as an athlete, Rebecca consumed up to 3,500 calories a day; including six Weetabix for breakfast, four sandwiches for lunch, and a huge spaghetti bolognese in the evenings.

But after retiring from swimming last year, she struggled to keep the weight off. She said:

“I put on a lot of weight when I retired. When I was swimming food was fuel, so when I stopped training the weight went on and I got hips. Every athlete goes through the same thing.”

Rebecca Adlington’s weight loss

Rebecca has followed a Harley Street clinic’s weight loss and detox programme for the last few months. And she finished it off with a week’s stay at their French retreat, which costs up to £3,295. She is believed to have lost over two stone in weight.

Rebecca followed a strict programme of vegetable juices, daily yoga and meditation sessions, and long walks in the countryside at the secluded chateau in Provence. She admitted that on the first day she was ‘starving’ and had ‘hunger pains’. She added:

“You are used to eating a lot and just craving all of the sugary things you are used to, or certainly I am. I think it is the only holiday I have ever been on and probably will go on where I will actually lose weight and feel really good. I definitely feel the best I have ever felt in my whole entire life.”

How does it work?

Guests are awoken with a glass of hot water and lemon before their morning yoga sessions on an outdoor terrace.

The first two days are a liquid-diet only. Juices containing beetroot, cucumber, kale, watermelon and pineapple, followed by soup for dinner.

On the third day they are allowed smoothies, then for the rest of the week they eat three vegetable-based meals per day.

There are also classes on skin health, detoxification and juicing, plus healthy cooking lessons.

Cornelius O’Shaughnessy, co-founder and meditation teacher, says each client is given a tailor-made plan depending on their nutritional needs and goals. He also added:

“Becky came to the Bodhimaya clinic a number of months ago to begin a programme of health optimisation, detoxification and weight loss in preparation for her upcoming wedding. She also wanted to come on retreat to relax with her friend Katherine. She has been losing weight for a while and looks fantastic.”


Source: Daily Mail.