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Raw Food Diet | Raw Foodism

raw-food-dietWhat is the Raw Food Diet?

The Raw Food Diet is essentially eating foods in their most natural state, meaning eating food that is uncooked and unprocessed. Although it’s called a diet, it’s actually more of a lifestyle choice and typically people who follow the Raw Food Diet will continue to do so for a long time. As you can probably imagine, the Raw Food Diet is not easy at all, and if you really want to follow the diet, it’s a very big commitment as you have to spend a lot of time in the kitchen cutting etc. Around 75% of the Raw Food Diet is eating fruit and vegetables, including sprouts, seaweed and beans.

What’s the idea behind the Raw Food Diet?

When cooking foods, the heat from the oven kills some of the important nutrients and enzymes within. So the idea of the diet is to get as much of the good stuff out of your food as possible by eating everything raw. Obviously because you’re eating your food raw, this lowers the selection of food you have to choose from to things such as fruit, vegetables, nuts and other things that are grown.

Diet Plan:

We’re only giving you one days worth of meal ideas, but if you’re really looking to get into the Raw Food Diet, then it’s definitely best to pick foods you enjoy to eat, not just meal plans you see on the internet. The reason for this is because as I mentioned earlier, this diet is extremely challenging to begin with, and without foods that you actually enjoy eating, you have a very slim chance of actually sticking to the diet.

Breakfast –

To start the day we recommend drinking a smoothie, this can be either a fruit smoothie or a green smoothie.

– add around 700g of fresh fruit/veg

– Fill with water

– Ice (optional)

Lunch –

– Selection of green vegetables

– 2-4 celery stick (personal preference)

– 2-3 large tomatoes

– 2 avacados

– Handful of sunflower seeds

-Bell pepper (optional)

Dinner –

– 192g of ground almond meal

– 180g of ground flax seeds

– 1 tbsp oregano

– 1 tsp of cumin

– 1 tbps olive oil

– 250ml water

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