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Quick Lunch Recipes – Tuna and Cucumber Pitta Pockets

Quick and easy to make, a perfect option for lunch at work. 

Tuna and Cucumber Pitta Pockets are a quick lunch recipe which is only 300 calories. 


4 pitta breads
85g/3 ½ oz/ 1 small can tuna in brine, drained
100g/ 3.5 oz cucumber sliced
30ml/2 tbsp low calorie mayonnaise
15ml/ 1 tbsp snipped chives
Freshly ground black pepper
Shredded lettuce (optional)

• Heat the pittas under the grill or if preferred a microwave for a short while to lightly puff them up.
• Separate one of the edges to form a pocket.
• Mix together the tuna, mayonnaise and chives.
• Add black pepper to taste.
• Place the mixture in the pitta pockets and add the cucumber slices add lettuce if desired.

What does your work lunch consist of?

Do you have any Quick Lunch Recipes?

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