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Pumpkins ‘should not be wasted this Halloween’

Pumpkins 'should not be wasted this Halloween'People carving a pumpkin this Halloween have been urged to look up nutritious recipes that will use up the flesh, rather than just throwing it away.

Merton Council said that as many as a million of the vegetables are sent to landfill each year because people pay more attention to carving the outer layer and perhaps do not know what to do with the insides.

The local authority recommended checking out the Love Food Hate Waste website, which features ideas such as pumpkin pie, roasted pumpkin seeds and pumpkin soup, in order to prevent this.

Once Halloween is over, the skin can then go on to the compost.

Cabinet member for environmental sustainability and regeneration Councillor Andrew Judge said: "Sending pumpkins and other organic waste such as vegetable peelings to landfill is not sustainable or good for the environment."

The flesh from a pumpkin could form part of a weight loss regime, as it is full of fibre, vitamins A, C and E and minerals like calcium, potassium and phosphorous, LiveStrong.com states.

Are you going to make more effort to use up your pumpkin this year?