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Protein at breakfast ‘could stop unhealthy cravings’

Protein at breakfast 'could stop unhealthy cravings'People looking for recipe ideas to help with their slimming might want to think about adding protein to their breakfasts.

Nutritional therapist and yoga teacher Charlotte Watts from said that cravings for sweet and fatty foods can often start at this time of year because our bodies want to put on a layer of blubber to keep warm.

However, she explained that you can fight these primitive urges by eating the right fats, which include those from olive oil, avocado, nuts and oily fish.

Something savoury in the mornings can also make a difference, with eggs and fish – or nuts, feta and hummus for vegetarians – helping to keep you satisfied until lunch.

"What is really crucial is to make sure that you have protein with breakfast. A lot of people don't fuel up enough at the beginning of the day and that is what can really set off those [craving] cycles," Ms Watts remarked.

Skipping breakfast entirely could leave you snappy at work by mid-morning, according to a recent warning from Angela McComb, spokesperson for the Health Promotion Agency.

Do you get enough protein at breakfast time?